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Started As a Phreaker

A little about me.  I started hacking around on an Apple //e when I was around 11 years old.  At that time there was no internet so in order to communicate with any via the computer we had to do it through a BBS system using a dial up modem.  Phone bills for dial up starting getting outrageous so I hacked my father’s employer’s PBX account and wrote a war dialer in basic that found codes for me while I was at school.

Moved into Cracking

My friends and I became interested in warez and copying them.  Only problem was the ones we bought at Computerland or any of the various computer shows were copy protected which made it hard for us to share our warez.  I took a keen interest in learning 6502,65C816 Assembler language and started reverse engineering my warez using MacsBug.  Before I knew it I was cracking Apple ][ and Macintosh wares faster than anyone and my network of friends were distributing them on various pirate BBS’s around the world.

Growing Up

After reaching the ripe old age of 18 and entering college at New York Institute of Technology I focused my efforts on writing data encryption and compression algorithms and landed my first real (non-intern) job in computers at MacEmporium.  There I was in sales, service, support, pretty much everything.

Fast Forward 25 Years

I now work for an ad tech security firm managing a team of pre/post sales support engineers helping protect publishers from malvertising.